Process is an important journey that all of our pieces go through. From conception to experimentation to completion, each piece's story begins to take shape and unfold. One of our first steps and main goals is to locally source as many of our materials as possible. Luckily, Brooklyn has a lot to offer. 


Abundant with color, the natural world inspires and challenges us to harness rich shades of yellow, pink, blue and many more using locally grown flowers and vegetables. 


From start to finish each of our pieces are handmade. Large sheets of fabric are cut down to napkins or tea towels then each are individually hand dyed in dyes created from vegetables and flowers. Once happy with the dye job off to the sewing machine for a clean edge and then finally a few sessions of hand washing to get the excess dye out.

See someone on the side of the road picking flowers? It's probably me grabbing some golden rod.