First day of november: Homemade Ginger Pumpkin Pie

Up until about two weeks ago I couldn't tell you what a sugar pumpkin was or what really came in a can of pumpkin puree, but today I am happy to say I know the answers to both. Let's start with the lie that is Pumpkin puree! 100% not entirely pumpkin, the puree typically contains three different types of squash including pumpkin.  Once I found that out I needed to figure out how to make proper pumpkin puree. 

Enter stage right, the sugar pumpkin. Much smaller than a jack-o-latern, the sugar pumpkin is easy to cut and core. Slice that pump into quarters and roast it with the inside facing down for about 40 - 60 mins until the flesh is soft. Don't forget to roast those seeds, no need to throw those gems away! Once you get a soft pumpkin taking out the rind is easy as pie. ;) Use a food processor to make a smooth puree and store until ready to use. I made my puree a few days ahead of the pie and even have some leftovers.

For the insides of this pie I used a recipe from TheKitchn, which packs a ginger zing! For some extra indulgence add a huge portion homemade whipped cream to the top! 

image by nicole helen brunner

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