We're on appetizer duty. Part 1

If you are in the States you know that today is Thanksgiving.  For me this holiday feels so strange. Besides the history of this holiday being all screwed up, there is a major fight going on about the Dakota Pipeline. As we prepare our supply boxes to be shipped out to the protesters I find myself celebrating this holiday with close friends. Being both thankful and hopeful that putting out as much good energy in the world will help someone. To make a donation to help protest the pipeline check out this link

So, back to food... today we are on appetizer duty. Our first app features the mushroom, my most favorite of the vegetables. 

Recipe comes at ya from BrownEyedBaker. I did switch things up a little by making my own crust and instead of yellow onions used shallots.  

All linens and ceramics are made by MostRecklessly. 


image by nicole helen brunner

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