A lesson in Mason Staining

Can you believe how fast time whizzes by? I'm coming up on my three year anniversary of the first ceramics class. I barely attended that class because I was really uptight. Thought that everyone was watching me, but in reality everyone was freaking out on their own. Fast forward to my second class that I attended with a friend and whaaaaaaaattt a turn around! Friends do make things better. =) After that experience I've invited dozens of people to join me at the studio and a few of them stuck around. 

I've invested quite a bit of money, time and education into this hobby from things like luster glaze to Kintsugi repair kits. In June we experimented with something new, Mason Staining! We've never done it before so having some support was the main ingredient that we needed to get started. Setting up our in the workshop at work we began by creating slip, which we believe would give us the most even color distribution. This entire process took about 2 weeks to complete and most of the colors haven't been fired as of yet. 

Check out the photos below to see what the process looked like. Anyone that lives in Brooklyn knows we have limited space so we got lucky that the workshop at work was pretty roomy. This experiment used about 2 - 5 pounds of clay for each color depending on how potent the stain was. Using a typical kitchen spoon we mixed in the powder into the slip. Once satisfied with the amount added we left the clay to dry for a few days. Once dry enough it was wedged and put into plastic bags for storage.  Above is one of the first pieces that came back with a beautiful vivid blue color! Follow us on Instagram for more Mason Stain updates.