Bundle Dying

There is never a shortage of flowers buzzing around me. They inspire such sunny days, but make me so sad to throw them out. Instead of waiting for them to perish I've started using them to eco-print. 

A relatively easy process, you treat your fabric with alum or just water to remove any treatment the manufacturer put on it and then bundle your plants into it. You can either wrap around a stick or just leave it as is. I've found that rubber bands work better for me but string is also a good method to hold everything together. 

Once everything is secure I either soak or steam the bundle. Soaking takes a lot longer and has more muted effects than steaming, but it can add some more overall color like the deep browns you see in the photos above.

I've gone on to do a few treatments to this piece of linen above and will post once I put the finishing touches on it.