Count Down to 2018

Hi All - 

Happy almost 2018! I made this list in 2016 to remind myself of the accomplishments MR made that year and now I'm making a list for 2017.  I wish I could give each one of you a really big hug to thank you for being part of our journey. 

Step 1: Make a list of accomplishments and victories in 2017

  • I made the transition from 9-5er life to full time ceramist. 
  • Our products were picked up by Smallhome in Greenpoint NY & Raven Rose in Beacon NY, 
  • MR was featured on Rose & Ivy Journal.
  • We reached over 1500 followers on Instagram 

Choose a word for the year:

Determination.  Without it I wouldn't be where I am. It is something that pushes me through any low points. Every low allows me to learn something and every high should be celebrated. 

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