INTRODUCING - Transitions with Unknown Collaborators.

INTRODUCING - Transitions with Unknown Collaborators.

Late one night almost a year ago my ex-boyfriend came to my apartment to confront me. Luckily I wasn’t there because during his attempt to contact me he decided to throw a brick through my bedroom window. It was an act that he later admitted to and then blamed me for. That act that after walking into my bedroom and seeing the shattered glass spread all over my bed sheets would change my life entirely. I stopped staying at my apartment, I no longer walked the same way to work, I began self medicating with alcohol, and worst of all I began to question my worth.

It has taken a lot of work to get slightly close to how I felt before that day. I’m not naive in thinking that everything would return to normal, but I do believe that I can heal after trauma. I still have nightmares and tense up when passing a subway station that he could possibly be standing at. In fear of ostracizing myself I’ve shied away from sharing this story, but it is important to talk about and thus the reason for the release of MostRecklessly’s newest collection titled: Transitions with Unknown Collaborators .  

Transitions with Unknown Collaborators utilizes discarded and rejected vessels as a canvas for painted female forms. The female forms represent life after trauma. The way one moves in the world when trying to protect herself can be almost in slow motion and very divided. There are many feelings that coincide with the healing process that don’t always make sense. Vessels were chosen as the base because of their womanhood meaning and the water they hold, which symbolizes purification, reflection and motion. The ritual of art and painting the trauma was a way to purge the confusion and make sense of the new world. 

50% of the sale of this collection will be donated to Safe Horizon. Their resources provided me with great free advice about DV, contacts for lawyers and made me realize that how I was feeling wasn’t strange.

image by nicole helen brunner

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