24/7 Key Access Monthly Studio Rental

24/7 Key Access Monthly Studio Rental


PLEASE email Nicole at Mostrecklessly@Gmail.com for availability and to schedule a tour of the studio. Our studio is small and we like to meet with each potential studio member prior to them joining.

This membership is for experienced potters, who are not interested in taking classes but wish to access the pottery studio at their convenience is available for $205.00 per month plus firing fees & supplies.

Members will have 24/7 key access to:

  • work in the studio

  • use of our studio equipment

    • slab roller

    • tools

    • potter’s wheels

    • extruder

    • glazes

  • We have clay on site for purchase. By being a studio member you will be able to fire your pieces at .04” cubic inch.

  • Renters will receive one shelf: 14" D x 30" W x 12" H (Shelf sizes may vary according to need) in addition to shared bisque and glaze shelving.

  • Additionally we are constantly looking to offer our members other opportunities to expand their hobby or business such as hands on learning, pop up shops hosted at local venues, etc.

. A 30 day cancellation notice via email will be required.

The fine details:

  • memberships can begin at any point in the month

  • to being your membership or hold your space we require

    • 1 month’s rent payment ($205) as well as a deposit $205). Deposits can be applied to your final month of membership or returned assuming everything is in working order.

  • sadly, we cannot hold space without receiving payment.

  • having keys gives you 24/7 access to the studio. the access is only for you, please do not bring any friends, family or significant others unless you run it past me prior. Note that if they want to use the studio there will be a fee ($40 + clay + firing fee of .08 cubic inch). 

  • should you lose your keys there is a $80 replacement fee.

  • this is an apartment building. Should you be in the studio late at night please keep noise to a minimum especially before 7am and after 10pm. Please do not use the yard after 10pm. 

  • please always keep the front blue door closed during the day and make sure it is firmly closed behind you. I will give everyone a set of 3 keys to open the blue and white door.

  • safety is super important for all of us to safe as well as our equipment. please use everything with caution. if you do not have any experience with a machine or tool let me know and I will show you. If you do not know how to use one of the wheels please sign up for a private lesson before you teach yourself. 

  • please be respectful towards our staff - they are incredibly knowledgable and part of our staff because we trust them. they are here to help keep the studio running as well as answer your questions. 

  • all of us are adults and we will continue to treat everyone as adults so please be thoughtful and respectful of the studio, other members and everyone's property.

  • when you leave the studio please shut off all of the lights especially the big bulbs. 

  • if at any time we feel that you are breaking one of these rules we hold the right to ask you to leave without notice.

  • treat our studio rental as if it were your apartment. we ask for 30 days notice should you decide to leave us. keys must be returned and shelf must be completely cleaned once you leave. rent needs to be paid within 10 days of us requesting it or we will assume that you decided not to continue your tenure here. Should you not pay rent after 1 week of holding onto your belongings we will need to discard them because of space. 

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